First images of the Powerpuff Girls in their ‘live action’ series

The live action series of The Powerpuff Girls (The Powerpuff Girls in Mexico) just started filming. The TMZ portal has had access to the film set to capture the first images of Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron and Yana Perrault in the papers of Babe, Bubble and Acorn, respectively. The production has generated a lot of interest, as this is the first time that the franchise has explored an adaptation with real actresses. However, not everyone is happy with the decision.

The aforementioned medium has not only shared an image, but also a video in which Chloe Bennet (Bombón) can be seen recording a flight sequence. What will attract the most attention of the audience will undoubtedly be the new outfit of The Powerpuff Girls. Unlike the popular animated series, we now see them in dresses. Yes indeed, they have respected the colors so characteristic of the three characters.

The live action series of The Powerpuff Girls belongs to the US network The CWhowever, Warner Bros. and Berlanti Productions lead production. In the latter we find Heather regnier (‌Sleepy Hollow), Devil cody (Juno) and Erika kennair. Be careful, the first two are also responsible for the script. Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and David Madden, meanwhile, serve as executive producers.

According to information shared by Variety last March, the Powerpuff Girls series will focus on the youth of the three heroines. Now, the interesting thing here is that the sisters would have moved away – up to a point – from fighting crime to try to lead a “normal” life. In fact, apparently are going through a stage of resentment because they could not enjoy their childhood. Thus, the story will also delve into their internal conflicts.

The CW still doesn’t reveal when it will premiere, presumably because nowadays no one dares to promise dates. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly harmed the entertainment industry, causing endless delays from the previous year. Not only in the premieres, also in the filming. In the filming of The Powerpuff Girls we can see that the members of the production are following the sanitary measures; it was the only way to resume their activities.