First images of the impressive Ferrari Omologata on the street

The spectacular Ferrari Omologata has been hunted in the streets of Munich, which has allowed to obtain the first live images of this valuable unique specimen created by Ferrari SP, the department of special projects of the firm from Maranello.

Last September the Ferrari Omologata was presented in society, a new unique copy created by the guys from the Special Projects department from the Maranello firm and which was only revealed to be the garage of a lucky and wealthy European customer. This is the 10th Gran Turismo with a front V12 engine. created by the Ferrari SP program.

The model has already been hunted on the street and in broad daylight, which has allowed us to discover its location Y see for the first time the suggestive shapes of his bodywork live. Far from the enormously retouched and dark first studio images that served to unveil the model and officially present it. So this series of photographs show the entire model, as seen on the street.

Although these images are the result of a casual sighting in the city of Munich, they have been taken and uploaded to Instagram by a local spotter named Markus Böhm, who, despite being only 16 years old, shows great lens handling and image editing, based on the high quality of the snapshots published. Your Instagram profile is highly recommended, not only for the quality of the photos, but also for the unusually high amount of classic and exotic vehicles displayed. It is surprising the high number of exclusive and collectible vehicles that we can find in this German city, headquarters of BMW.

Retro design

Despite the attractive design of its body, developed exclusively for this unique specimen, the truth is that the Ferrari Omologata is a modified example of the Ferrari 812 Superfast. Under the body what we find is the intact technical scheme of the Italian Gran Turismo, both at the frame and mechanical level. So under the front hood we still find the same 6.5-liter V12 of the original model, the largest displacement block ever mounted on a street model of the Italian firm. Only the 6,860cc V12 in the Ferrari 712 Can Am had a larger displacement. Under the front hood of the Omologata this atmospheric block delivers 800 hp and 718 Nm of maximum torque.

The design of the model is clearly related to the classic Gran Turismo of the Italian firm, as is the case of the Ferrari 250 GTO, the first model of the brand that used the word ‘Omologata’, the original and the one used by Italians, although the rest of the world misuses the term ‘Omologato’. Of this classic GT we can find its profile and details such as the air intakes on the hood or the discreet fixed rear spoiler.

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