First images of Masters of the Universe: Revelation

We can already see the heroes and villains of Eternia in the first images of Masters of the Universe: Revelation from Netflix.

They are preparing a new animated series of He-man and his companions Eternia what will be titled Masters of the Universe: Revelation. The person in charge is Kevin smith, famous director who has made films like Clerks (1994), Mallrats (nineteen ninety five), Chasing amy (1997) or Jay and Silent Bob strike back (2001).

The images stand out for their redesign by Castlevania’s Powerhouse Animation and we can see characters like He-man, Skeletor, Teela, Ork, Beast man, Evil-Lyn and more.

Here we leave you the images of the spectacular Netflix series:

Kevisn Smith talked about the Netflix animated series:

“We can see the characters participate not only in the clash of swords, but in conversations much deeper than we have ever seen them before.” Kevin Smith said. “It’s not just like these two guys He-Man and Skeletor have been trying to hit each other for decades. We have the opportunity to tell stories of abuse. We have the opportunity to tell stories of isolation, pain. We have used these characters for as long as they’ve been around, and most people think of them as toys or action figures, but now we’re going to tell incredibly human stories set in a very inhuman world. “

Masters of the Universe: Revelation will serve as a sequel to the classic ’80s animated series, and has assembled a great voice cast for its original version as Mark Hamill like Skeletor, Lena Headey as Evil-Lyn, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Teela, Alicia silverstone like Queen Marlena, Kevin Conroy as Mer-Man, Chris wood as He-Man and the original voice actor for Skeletor, Alan Oppenheimer, in the role of Moss Man.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation It will be split into two parts, and all five episodes of Part 1 will premiere on Netflix on July 23.

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