First Dates: The unwritten law of a firefighter opponent: “The ‘pepper’, always shaved”

Although the month of July is about to give way to the month of August, it is essential to book an appointment and a table in advance if you want to go to the restaurant of ‘First Dates’, Cuatro’s program in which single, separated and divorced people, regardless of their social status, age, ideology, sexual orientation or religion, seek the love that has been denied them outside the premises run by Carlos Sobera. Precisely, Andrea and Juan Antonio, a 19-year-old student and model and a 24-year-old firefighter opponent, respectively, have coincided in the Mediaset space.

Lidia Torrent has been the one who has received the two young people at the entrance of the restaurant. The first to arrive was Andrea, who was praised by the ‘First Dates’ waitress for her good taste when dressing. “My style will define urban style, but molded to me because I always put my little details on it: or my crowns, or my feathers, or my glitters”, Andrea, who comes from Gerona, has pointed out that has been defined as “a ‘pink lady’ and a ‘techno lover’ because I love techno”. “The dark techno, the hard one, is the one I like. Not the one that sounds in Bershka or H&M, the dark one”, wanted to make it clear. Questioned by the requirements that a boy has to have to fall in love with him, she has pointed out “that he be a good person, that he be fun and since at first I am a little cut, that he pull a little of me”.

Juan Antonio: “I don’t take care of creams, but I do wax”

In order to receive Juan Antonio, Lidia Torrent has decided to put on techno music and she has proposed to dance to Andrea. Coming from the Barcelona town of Rub, the opponent has made it clear from the beginning that modesty is not exactly one of his strengths. “The girls really like my smile and that I am a scoundrel, so to speak. And well, physically they say that I am quite well”, It was his letter of introduction in the booth of the premises. The reception has not been to his liking, since when asked if he likes techno, he has acknowledged that “not much”, an answer that has left both the waitress and her date cut off. “I have freaked out, I have freaked out, yes, yes, yes, I have freaked out. I just didn’t like the music at all”, has then admitted only to a camera of the program.

Girls really like my smile and that I’m a scoundrel, so to speak. And well, physically they say I’m pretty good

Juan Antonio, in ‘First Dates’

Once seated at the table, Juan Antonio wanted to meet Andrea. “Tell me things, what do you do?” you have asked. “Let’s see, now I’m going to do some training as a leisure monitor, I’m also a photography model”, she has answered him. “You like sports?”, Gav’s interrogation has continued. “Yes, I go to the gym, I like the fit and I’ve been doing rhythms all my life”, Andrea has responded in what has been the first hobby in which they have coincided. “Me too. The world of fitness … I go to the gym every day, I go every day”, Juan Antonio highlighted before pronouncing the phrase of the quote. “I don’t take care of creams, but I do wax. The ‘pepper’, always waxed, is an unwritten law”, has stated in the reserved.

As the evening has progressed and despite the initial discrepancy regarding the music, Andrea has entered Juan Antonio’s eyes. “The girl is very good, the girl is very hot, the girl is 10”, has assured the applicant to put out fires in the future. “What I liked the most about her is that she is small, manageable”, He added, unable to contain his laughter.

The girl is very good, the girl is very hot, the girl is 10. What I liked the most is that she is small, manageable

Juan Antonio, in ‘First Dates’

This was followed by the second disagreement of the night. He has an account of companion animals, a topic of conversation that Andrea has incidentally brought up. “Do you have animals? Do you like them?” He has been questioned by the 19-year-old student and photography model. “Yes, I have a dog, but let’s see, that is relative,” Juan Antonio replied. “I like my dog, but I do not like people who treat their animal as if it were a person. I do not criticize it, it is neither good nor bad, but to me it seems more bad than good”, the firefighter opponent has argued. “Well my dog ​​is like my son”, Andrea interrupted him. “I, for example, that my dog ​​get on my bed, sleep with him and others, well no” Juan Antonio has continued, whose argument has not pleased his date. “This keeping distance with his dog, I don’t know, I see it a bit strange. That he doesn’t get on the bed or the sofa … That he treats him like a dog”, has aimed.

Andrea: “We haven’t kissed but he tried”

After Andrea has told him about the two romantic relationships he has had, Juan Antonio wants to know if he prefers “oil balsam or a little cane”. “A little bit of cane, of course”, The Girona woman has responded, which has allowed the Rubinean to draw her own conclusions. “She likes the cane and I can be up to it. I really like the tug of war”, has manifested.

I’m good at kissing because girls tell me that I use my lips very well

Juan Antonio, in ‘First Dates’

After dinner and before making the final decision, the two young people went to the ‘First Dates’ playground where Juan Antonio first gave Andrea an eternal kiss on the cheek that she returned to his neck. “I’m good at kissing because girls always tell me that I use my lips very well”, the aspiring firefighter has pointed without blushing, who then starred in a dance with a cobra included from his date. “We haven’t kissed but I think he tried”, the girl has underlined. Despite the cobra and the differences in terms of pets and music, Andrea and Juan Antonio have decided to go on a second date.

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