First Dates: El Potro de la Gamboa, the ex-fighter with the tattooed penis: “I spend a good tool”

Carmen, a 33-year-old hairdresser from Madrid separated and without children, He has gone to the restaurant of ‘First Dates’, Cuatro’s dating space, in search of love. “I like to go out, I like electronic music, I like … Well, go with my friends, have a great night listening to the music, have a few drinks and then whatever God wants, the madness that falls that day , it fell”, He has said in the booth of the place where Carlos Sobera acts as host, that he has asked him what he has gone to. “Well, nothing, I come here to find love”, she replied.

Carlos Sobera, before introducing Carmen to his appointment, wanted to know if she likes horses and the answer was negative. The presenter then asked him if he likes foals and the hairdresser, although not very convinced, has answered affirmatively. “Do you like tattoos?” The Basque has questioned him, pointing to his right arm, which the Madrilenian has tattooed. “Yes indeed”, I have answered. “And you want your date to be tattooed”, the Biscayan continued. “Sure, of course, I really like that in a man”, the Madrilenian has admitted.

While Carmen was staying at the bar of the ‘First Dates’ restaurant, Carlos Sobera has gone to the door of the premises to receive his date. “Alexis, how are you? Do I call you Alexis or do I call you Potro?” the person in charge of the program has interrogated him while he shook hands with the new ‘client’. “El Potro, El Potro, very good”, the boy has stated with his gaze fixed on his date. Although he is from Villarreal, Alexis has affirmed that they call him The Potro de la Gamboa. “Do you want to know why?” he has asked them. “Well come on”, the one from Baracaldo told him. “I spend a good tool”, He has assured before the stupefaction and laughter of Carmen and Carlos Sobera. “Besides I was a boxer”, added to explain his nickname.

Despite the fact that Alexis has come to the appointment with blonde highlights and that her prototype of a man is dark, Carmen has physically liked El Potro de la Gamboa, who is 37 years old and has been unemployed for two months. But there have been more things about the former fighter that have been to his liking. “Has tattoos!”, he has exclaimed once they have sat down at the table to enjoy dinner. “This one – on the right arm, this one – on the left wrist – and one on the back”, The hairdresser has commented to him, who has verified that the Castellón, like her, when he goes out to party at night is also one of those of “whatever God wants, the madness that falls that day, fell”.

El Potro de la Gamboa: “I have a tattooed penis”

“I have a few”, El Potro de la Gamboa has underlined. “I have here one -on the right arm-, I have a boxer -on the right side-, the navel is tattooed, I have here a phrase -on the chest -…” Alexis pointed out. “I like that, I like that, I really like that in a man, I can’t help it”, Carmen has indicated, who did not know that there were still more. “I have a tattooed penis”, has stood out to the surprise of his appointment. “Yes, I have a tattooed penis, I swear to you”, has reiterated the former boxer. “That’s gotta hurt…”, she has snapped at him. “I do not remember”, then he has specified.

Next, Alexis has told you the story of said tattoo. “I went out with some colleagues to party, we left the disco, we ended the night at the house of a colleague who is a tattoo artist and fell asleep on the couch. Then it occurred to me to say ‘I’m going to get my penis tattooed’. And my colleague, ‘you have no eggs’. And I, ‘why not’. And I said, ‘you squeeze’. And my colleague squeezing, I took it and made myself an A “, has explained. “The next day I get up, go to piss and say, ‘oysters, what did I do?’. I call on the phone and say ‘you, what happened last night?’. And he said, ‘what happened last night? you tattooed the dick, man ‘”, has continued. “That night I will never forget her. I see her every day, so she always remembers me”, has settled. “It seems like a fun fact, and that’s it. It’s not to take into account or anything”, Carmen has expressed her opinion about it.

El Potro de la Gamboa: “I love to fuck”

El Potro de la Gamboa has had time at dinner to show off his abs to his date and to talk to her about sex, something that both have agreed to point out is “very important.” “I am not Latin but I am very hot”, Alexis has stated. “I love sex and in a relationship sex is very important, because I love to fuck, that is of course”, has added the former fighter. “Maybe you are cooking or are you there and I go from behind and I take you and to the mess”, He has warned Carmen, to whom he has even told a joke: “What does a two say to a zero? Twenty with me.”

Before the final decision, Alexis wanted to know what Carmen was looking for in the Mediaset program. “I’m looking for a boy to go out, go in, go to the movies, go out to party, I also like to party”, the Madrilenian has stood out. “I have been partying, but I have given a radical change to my life”, has confessed the vilarrealense, that in the reserved of ‘First Dates’: “When he started talking about the party, I was a little scratched because I left that part behind and I don’t want to go back again. I think it’s good that he likes the party, but I’ve already been through that. I love it now because I already have a more focused age. “ So white and bottled, in the final decision El Potro de la Gamboa has given pumpkins to a Carmen who would have liked to have a second date.

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