First counts after elections in NYC reveal few winners and a long wait for final results

Wait has been said! That seems to be the premise that will govern for several weeks among New Yorkers, after the municipal elections From the past Tuesday, June 22, because in positions like Mayor, Controller, Manhattan Attorney and the vast majority of 51 Council chairsNone of the candidates reached 50% of the votes, which the electoral law that came into force in these elections requires to declare winners.

This is how the Electoral Board of the City (BOE), explaining that now it will enter a counting process with the so-called vote in order of preference, which warns that in those races where no candidate has obtained more than 50% of first-choice votes, the count will continue in rounds until that threshold is reached.

“One week after (June 22), the preliminary rounds of elimination of the vote will be tabulated in order of preference and an unofficial report will be published. The count will not include any absentee ballot, “he explained. the Electoral Board, noting that on Tuesday, June 29, that first report will be presented, and the second will be made on July 6, which will already include the votes that were sent by mail.

The electoral body warned that after the current count report, although several candidates appear in the first place, this does not guarantee that they will be the eventual winnersBecause with the application of voter preference rounds and votes by mail, things can vary.

“The classification of candidates may continue to change until all absentee ballot processing is complete and all curation deadlines have expired,” the BOE added. “Election results will not be certified until all ballots are counted, including absentee, military, affidavit and emergency.”

And it is that after the first counts, only charges such as the Ombudsman, with Jumaane williams, and City Council chairs such as those in Manhattan’s Districts 2, with Carlina rivera, and the District 34 of Brooklyn, with Jennifer Gutierrez, they obtained more than 50% of the vote, which already puts them as the eventual winners. The same happens with Marjorie Velázquez, from District 13 of the Bronx, Gale brewer for the 6th District of Manhattan, Rafael Salamanca for the 17th District of the Bronx, Sandy Nurse, by District 37 of Brooklyn and Francisco Moya for the 21st District of Queens.

Likewise, other candidates such as Tiffany caban, from District 22, with 49.4% of the votes, Carmen de la Rosa, with 40% of the votes of the 10th District of Manhattan and Alexa Aviles, With 43.8% of the support from Brooklyn’s 38th District, they appear to be on the verge of victory, in what would be a breakthrough to a possible sweep of women in the fight for the City Council.

According to the preliminary results that exist at this time, 29 women appear leading in the seats to the Council, almost a dozen of them Latinas.

And in these elections, where 944,197 voters participated of the more than 4 million qualified, without a doubt the eyes of New Yorkers are also very focused on the fight for Mayor, where Eric Adams, with the
31.7% appear as the leader, followed by Maya Wiley, with 22.3%, Kathryn García, with the
19.5% and Andrew Yang, with 11.7. So far, the businessman has been the only candidate for Mayor who has already admitted his defeat, ensuring that he knows that he will not be the next Mayor, while the president of Brooklyn has been convinced that the wait will end with his victory.

“To everyone who supported us, volunteered for us, organized for us, and put their heart and soul into this race: Thank you, thank you, for being part of this movement. We have run a campaign that we can all be immensely proud of. Let’s celebrate now! ”Adams commented. “We know there will be two, three and four. But there is something else we know. We know New York City said, ‘Our first choice is Eric Adams.’

Maya wileyFor his part, who has managed to rank second for the Mayor’s Office so far, was also optimistic that he could turn the results around with the application of votes in order of preference.
“Last night he showed us that we have the Mayamomentum which is strong. Despite spending more, we were not disorganized. This is democracy in action. I am confident in the classified election voting process, and we expect the momentum to only build from here, ”the attorney said. “Thank you all for entrusting me with your stories and your votes. And most of all, for reminding me more than ever how proud I am to be a New Yorker. Together, we have built a people-driven movement, we have worked hand in hand to fight for something greater than all of us. We believe in a better New York and we fight hard every day to see our vision. “

And that feeling of victory and anxiety about the results is also felt among New Yorkers of different positions, as you can see.r Hernan Gómez, voter for Adams, who was confident with the triumph of his candidate, but who confessed not being comfortable with the wait.

“I don’t like this about having to wait so long, because I think that in a city like this they could have invented something more effective, but I know that Adams’s advantage is so great that no one takes away the Mayor’s Office and I like that, ”said the young Colombian.

For its part, Maria Rodriguez, Mexican in favor of Maya Wiley, said she is hopeful that the votes of the eliminated candidates will raise her candidate, but she agreed that waiting is not her best ally.
“This wait is going to be agonizing, but let’s hope it is worth it and we can see a more progressive city that thinks of everyone, with Maya as the first mayor,” said the voter.

General information on voting

944,197 voters participated in the elections of more than 4 million qualified 853,434 voters cast in person 90,763 votes received so far by mail 82.66% of the voting sites have been scrutinized 4,878 of the 5,901 voting places have already delivered their results

Waiting calendar for final results on elections and allocation of votes in order of preference

June 22: First unofficial results were issued at the close of the polls June 24: There will be a random draw and audit of electoral scanners June 28: The scrutiny of absentee ballots and affidavits will begin June 29: It will be the first report on the preliminary round of elimination and the vote assigned in order of preference June 29: It is the last day that absentee votes can be received that were mailed July 6: The second official report of elimination will be issued the vote assigned in order of preference

Partial results in the race for Mayor of NY

31.7% places Eric Adams in the first place of the Democratic Party, so far, with 253,234 votes 22.3% puts Maya Wiley in second place, with 177,722 votes 19.5% places Kathryn García in third position, with 155,812 votes 11.7% puts Andrew Yang in fourth place, with 93,291 votes 5% of the votes place Scott Stringer with 40,244 votes in favor 2.8% put Dianne Morales in sixth place with 22,221 votes 2.3% place Raymond McGuire in seventh place, with 18,503 votes 2.2% puts Shaun Donovan in eighth place, with 17,303 votes 71.9% of the votes give the victory for the Republican party to Curtis Sliwa 28.1% obtained Fernando Mateo, being second in the Republican nomination

Partial results for the position of Controller

31.4% puts Brad Lander in first place for now 22.6% places Corey Johnson in second place 13.6% puts Michelle Caruso-Cabrera in third place 7.7% places Brian Benjamin in fourth place

Results for the position of Ombudsman

71% already gave the triumph to Jumaane Williams, with 486,538 votes 21.2% Anthony Herbert with 144,922 votes 7.8% Theo Tavarez, with 53,551

Manhattan District Attorney partial results

33.9% for Alvin Bragg with 71,947 votes 30.5% for Tali Weinstein, with 64,682 votes 11.3% for Tahanie Aboushi, with 24,044 votes

Partial results on chairs in the Municipal Council

Manhattan District 2

73.2% place Carlina Rivera with the win

Manhattan District 6

53.8% of the votes give the victory to Gale Brewer

Manhattan District 7

27.4% puts Shaun Abreu leading 11.9% Marti Allen-Cummings 11.6% María Ordoñez

Manhattan District 8

56.8% give the victory to Diana Ayala

Manhattan District 10

40% put Carmen De La Rosa as leader 28.5% put Johanna García in second place 17.3% put Angela Fernández in third place

Bronx District 13

56.4% gives the victory to Marjorie Velázquez

Bronx District 14

38.5% puts Pierina Sanchez to lead 20.9% of the vote for Yudelka Tapia 19% for Adolfo Abreu

Bronx District 15

39.6% put Oswald Feliz to lead 19.8% put Ischia Bravo in second place 12.8% put John Sánchez in third place

Bronx District 17

60.5% gave the victory to Rafael Salamanca

Bronx District 18

27.5% puts Amanda Farias to lead 26.6% for William Rivera 12.9% for Michael Beltzer

Queens District 21

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