Nintendo Switch has a lot of games, and one of them is Reventure, an indie title of Spanish court that is in luck, since at the beginning of last June it was one year since its original release (in Nintendo Switch we had to wait until October to play it). Thus, to celebrate this first anniversary, its creators have launched a new update, which is already more than available in the hybrid console of the Great N. Pay attention to the following lines so you do not miss a single detail of what is added in this new version!

Reventure First Anniversary Update Now Available

As you may already know, we are celebrating Reventure’s first anniversary. On this special occasion, we have released a very special update. If you have already completed all the finals, check near the waterfalls… Can you get over 100%?

Here we leave you the list of changes:

Many redesigns of the quality of life of the levels Added post-game content, up to the ??? % Many secret areas and many easter eggs have been added New endings: ??? A shortcut has been added to avoid the psychological trauma caused by a certain evil tower Love has been increased

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Therefore, and as we observe, the creators of Reventure have taken advantage of this first anniversary to make players stick to the screen of consoles or computers for a few more hours thanks to this new content that greatly improves their experience. And you, are you one of those who had already managed to see each and every one of the 100 finals or, conversely, are you from that other group that with taking out a few were already satisfied? Be that as it may … now you have more endings to watch in the game!