AFE announced at its last Board of Directors the creation of a specific Fund that will allow the First, Second and Second B footballers to receive aid in the form of an advance of an economic nature, to address situations of loss of income as a consequence of the global health pandemic, commonly called COVID-19, which during the year 2020 is affecting Spain and many other countries around us.

05/26/2020 at 19:58


Ramon Fuentes

The regulation of this Fund is contemplated in an Operating Regulation in which, among other issues, the requirements to be met by aid applicants are foreseen, how to apply, the documents to be provided, the conditions to receive the aid, the maximum amount that each applicant can receive and the operation of a Commission that will ensure compliance with the aforementioned Regulations in granting the helps.

The request can be submitted in those cases in which there has been a reduction in the applicant’s income as a result of the club having accepted an ERTE, or has been affected by a reduction in wages due, in both cases, to the inability to provide services to the club normally as a consequence of COVID-19.

In all cases, the applicant will have to provide the documentation that accredits the economic loss suffered, as well as a statement confirming the damage they have suffered. The period for making the request begins with the publication of this circular and will end on the day May 31, 2020.

Recipients of this aid fund

They may only be recipients of this Fund the professional footballers who, after January 31, 2020, have been assigned to teams that play in the official sports categories of Primera Iberdrola, Primera División, Segunda División A and Segunda División B, and comply with the requirements established in these Regulations. Players who are without a federation license due to injury may also request the aid, provided that the contract remains in force and the damage suffered is proven.

Requirements to apply for this aid

Soccer players who have suffered a loss of income in their work activity as such, as a consequence of the global health pandemic of COVID-19 and who also meet the conditions indicated in the following sections, may apply for financial aid from this Fund.

To determine these amounts, the Board of Directors of the AFE will constitute a Commission of several people that will be in charge of analyzing and, where appropriate, approving the requests received regarding the AFE COVID-19 Fund. This Commission will be called the AFE COVID Commission19.

The help request You must reliably express and accredit the amount of gross income initially provided for in employment contracts, which would have been received by the footballer, as a consequence of the provision of services as a professional footballer during the months of March to May 2020 under normal conditions, if the effects of COVID-19 had not occurred.

And it must also indicate, the income forecast that will reasonably be received by the footballer, in the same period of time, including payments from the club, or from third parties, as well as the perceptions received from public or private benefits, subsidies and the like, as a consequence of the application of ERTEs, EREs, individual salary reduction agreements or collective, as well as the novation or modification of contracts during the period between March 14 and May 31, 2020.

The AFE COVID Commission19 will determine the foreseeable, or approximate, loss of income of applicants by calculating the difference between the amounts mentioned in the two previous points.For the purposes of these grants, they will also be considered loss of income caused by COVID-19, the non-payment, total or partial, of the remuneration provided in the contracts, corresponding to the months of March to May 2020 that have not have been satisfied by the club on the date the corresponding request for assistance is made. This Commission may request additional documentation at any time.

Fund aid

They are exceptional financial aid intended to resolve extraordinary situations of urgent need that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to compensate the loss of income suffered by the footballers due to the decisions that the club may have taken, unilaterally, or in common agreement with the footballer. The loss of income must come from any of the following causes:

a) The reduction in income derived from the ERES, or ERTES from the suspension of the contract, or from the reduction of the working day that affects the applicants during the months of March to May 2020. Also the extinctions of contracts that supposes the loss of income on the part of the player, must occur in the aforementioned period, and must affect monthly remuneration that should be received by the interested party also in that period, such as unjustified non-payment of remuneration to the players that are decided unilaterally by the club and that affect said period. Extraordinary situations that may endanger the applicant’s health or social integration, also derived from COVID-19.

The minimum amount of 450 euros and maximum of 900 euros

The amount of aid will have a maximum monthly limit of 450 euros. The maximum limit of aid awarded will be 900 euros per footballer. That is, the amount equivalent to two monthly payments, with the limit of 450 euros per month. It will only be possible to present a single application to the Fund for each interested party, unless the validity of this Fund is extended, in which case the conditions in which the extension occurs will be subject to.

These grants, initially, will have the character of advance, so the interested party will be obliged to reimburse AFE the amount of the aid when, for any reason, the economic loss that justifies its granting ceases or disappears, and must be made by the Aid is provided by all actions that allow AFE to recover its amount. The aid will be paid by the AFE to the applicants by bank transfer.