Something that fans of a saga like, be it a movie, series or, in this case, video games, is having merchandising of it. There is a company that is an expert in merchandising with exceptional quality. Obviously we are talking about First 4 Figures, an expert company in launching figures of video game characters. We have already been able to enjoy figures such as Link from Breath of the Wild or Skyward Sword, Mario felino, Bowser or Midna Real. On this occasion, the company has decided to launch a replica of a figure that it has already launched in its day, but at a lower price. A terrible fate lurks thanks to the return of the Majora’s mask.

A more affordable Majora’s Mask

A few years ago, First 4 Figures released a resin figure of the Majora’s Mask of about 63 cm, costing the cheapest edition $ 354.99, being within reach of few pockets. Many of us have wanted to get the mask that took the Skull Kid to a terrible destiny and now may be the occasion because First 4 Figures will launch a new Majora’s Mask, this time from PVC At a price of $ 119.99.

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This new version of Majora’s Mask is smaller than the previous one, 30 cm, but it will have the same quality and textures as the previous one. There will be two editions, a standard one, which will come with a base to be able to display it, and an exclusive edition, whose base will have LED lights that will change colors (white, red, yellow, blue and green). It will also have a way in which the eyes will light up, making the figure more real. Both versions can be removed from their corresponding bases and can be hung on the wall. This new Majora’s Mask will be released in the last quarter of the year. And you, will you dare to have your own Majora’s Mask?