Mozilla today released the latest version (for Windows, Mac and Linux) of its Firefox browser, the third most used web browser in the world, with a total of 250 million active users. So, Firefox 78 is now available for download from and for automatic updating from any previous version.

Firefox he was the only one of the great browsers that promised to keep his calendar already programmedor (a new version every four weeks, which means that Firefox 79 will arrive at the end of July), while the coronavirus crisis was ahead of Chrome and Edge’s plans.

The only change Mozilla had to make to its Firefox development schedule had to do with support for TSL 1.0 and 1.1, which should have been removed in version 74 but has been, finally, removed in this new version, with the improvement that this implies in terms of security and performance.

Firefox 78 It differs from the rest of Firefox releases this year in that it is an ESR version. This means that if you are using Firefox ESR (‘Extended Support Release’, intended for organizations that need help with massive deployments) your installation will be updated to this version and it will take another year to update.

Firefox 78

News in videoconferences, accessibility and web development

But, What great news does this release offer compared to previous versions? Mainly in the field of video calls and accessibility functions.

While Firefox 76 has already improved the experience of using Zoom, from version 78 our screensaver will stop interrupting video calls WebRTC that we are maintaining.

When it comes to accessibility, Firefox includes a lot of new settings: from enhancements for screen reader users when they have to move between HTML control elements, up to faster loading of large tables, a reduction in animations that can negatively affect users with epilepsy or similar problems.

Web developers will also check what is new for them: improvements in the Firefox Developer Tools, a new regular expression engine, updates to the ECMAScript Intl API, new CSS selectors, and improved support for WebAssembly.

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Changes for ‘windowseros’ and ‘maqueros’

Another of the big changes of this Firefox is that Windows users will now be able to set it as their default PDF viewer. Windows users who also have Intel GPUs will have support for WebRender technology.

Users of for macOS will be interested to know, likewise, that this will be the last version with support for versions 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite and 10.11 El Capitan from the Apple system. The reason is, according to Mozilla, that

“unsupported operating systems [por Apple] they don’t receive security updates, they have known vulnerabilities and they can be dangerous to use, making it difficult to maintain Firefox in those versions. “

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