Mozilla It has just released the latest update of its browser and it has done so focusing on improving the address bar and the searches that we can carry out through it. Therefore, they assure that Firefox 75 makes it “even easier to access the things that matter most to you online”.

“We’ve all spent a lot more time online lately, whether it’s for work, helping our kids stay connected to their schools, or keeping in touch with loved ones. While connecting is more important than ever as we face this pandemic together. We also rely on the power of ‘search’ to access information, news and resources through the browser. “

And how have they improved this power? Through three novelties concrete.

Firefox 75 one step closer to Chrome

The Google Chrome address bar it has long been much more useful, by far, than that of its rivals. Through it it is possible to access a lot of information, including a preview of certain data, and that sets it apart.

And although they are not fundamental details of a browser, they matter to users, and Mozilla wanted to give a necessary facelift to the address bar of their browser with Firefox 75 with the following changes:

Updated appearance: When we update to the new version of Mozilla Firefox, the first thing we will notice is that the address bar has changed. Now it has a bigger font, it is simpler, it looks better, it shows shorter URLs and it shows more information.

Firefox 75 makes it “even easier to access the things that matter most to you online”

Smarter searches: Firefox 75 also stands out for its intelligent searches because, like most browsers, when searching for any term, the browser will suggest complementary topics to further narrow our search and obtain more appropriate results.

The most visited sites more within reach: Finally, the new version of Firefox allows us with a single click in the address bar to directly access our most visited sites and, if it happens to be open in another tab, it allows us to click and go directly to that lost tab.

To update we must open the Firefox menu from its icon in the upper right, click on Help and finally on About Firefox. If the update is available it will allow us to download it or, if it has already been downloaded, restart the browser so that the changes are applied.

         Firefox 75 now available with a renewed address bar, smarter searches and direct access to the most viewed