It happened this Friday at the Southwest Florida International Airport

It took 18 hours for the firefighters to control the flames, which burned six hectares

A fire has claimed 3,500 rental cars at Southwest Florida International Airport in the United States. The events occurred last weekend and it took 18 hours for firefighters to control the flames, which burned six hectares of territory.

The authorities received a call at 5:00 p.m. alerting them that there had been a fire in the airport parking lot, where car rental companies have their fleets for those travelers who need one for their trips.

At first it affected about twenty cars, but by the time the firefighters arrived there were already a hundred. In fact, the magnitude of the disaster was such that the fire was not considered controlled until 10:30 am on Saturday, almost 18 hours after it started.

All the available fire departments responded and also a tanker that made several passes over the area. As reported by CNN, there were no less than 80 downloads. The column of black smoke could be seen from Ford Myers, a city of 82,000 inhabitants located 25 kilometers northwest of the facility.

“When the units arrived at the scene, there were 100 cars on fire. Then we lost count after there were several hundred,” said Melinda Avni, a specialist with the Florida rural agents corps.

CNN assures that it is still not known with certainty how the fire started, although authorities have opened an investigation into it. A final damage analysis brings the number of vehicles affected to 3,500. The US media has reported no personal injury.

The Sheriff’s Office has shared several photos that help us get an idea of ​​the violence of the flames. They look like something out of a movie, but they are real and they happened this very weekend.

Southwest Florida International Airport had ten million passengers in 2019. Among airports with a single runway, it is the second busiest facility in the entire United States.

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