The Fire Emblem Expo II was going to be an event that was to take place in May, and that living up to its name, would revolve around the entire universe of Fire Emblem. This thanks to live musical performances, drama performances, art exhibition and of course, the opportunity to buy many items related to this saga.

Unfortunately the event has been canceled to maintain public safety and avoid misfortunes due to the dreaded coronavirus. This has been done by Intelligent Systems through a official statement in Japanese. If for some reason you live in Japan and have acquired your tickets, you should not worry, because it has also been announced that the money will be refunded without any problem.

This is something that I have repeated many times these days, but remember that it is important understand organizers and developers and not be upset about delays or cancellations. Entertainment with our favorite video games is fine, yes, but currently we live in the shadow of a pandemic that has already claimed many lives. Any decision to avoid infection and save lives is welcome.

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Be patient and be strong, because although it is difficult to have so many days locked up, this is the only way for everything to return to normal. When all this happens and if you decide to celebrate again the Fire Emblem Expo IIWe will let you know with great joy.