fire and foul mess between France and Italy

Neymar It is not only news for his football, his injuries, his renewal or his interest in returning to play for PSG with Leo Messi, a dream that may be closer than ever to becoming a reality. The carioca also gives a lot to talk about his private or personal life, and in this sense the last thing is the foolishness that is spent with Chiara Nasti, who now turns out to be the girlfriend of another footballer …

And it is that in Italy they assure that the spectacular influencer has been maintaining a love relationship with Nicolò Zaniolo, Young Roma player with whom according to some media he would have even made a tattoo, both the same, proof of his love. A hitherto unknown couple who is putting Neymar in check with his ‘likes’ on Instagram and his flirtation on social networks.

The one that they say may be Totti’s successor in the Italian capital and the model have even been shown together already publicly in a photo, curiously just after Neymar’s fooling around with Chiara came to light and their naughty ‘I like you’ on Instagram, where they both follow each other.

But on Valentine’s Day the influencer and Zaniolo returned to declare their love, And since then it is striking that Neymar is no longer giving ‘likes’ to Chiara Nasti, in whose old publications there was always a reaction from the Brazilian in the shape of a heart. The PSG footballer will have understood the hints and will prefer not to fan the fire with gasoline and break the couple, so he is apparently ceasing to flirt with the Italian.