Firas Zahabi declares Nate Diaz the best street fighter in MMA

Although Nate Diaz has only one win in his last four bouts, his legend continues to grow.

A few weeks ago Nate reappeared in the Octagon after a year and a half away. Although Diaz lost a decision to Leon Edwards, his bonuses and popularity increased. Edwards clearly outpointed Diaz for 24 minutes. However, in the final minute of the fight, Nate had Leon on the verge of KO.

For Diaz, that was a moral victory and he assured that in the real world, he would have beaten Edwards. Respected TriStar Gym coach Firas Zahabi shares Diaz’s opinion. The well-known coach of Georges St-Pierre claims that Nate is the best and scariest street fighter in the world of MMA.

“If you put Nate Diaz in a fight where there is no time limit, I think he beats 99% of the fighters. You cannot subdue it. You can’t finish it. The guy won’t stop walking forward. It hits you with volume. He is, in my opinion, the most fearsome street fighter in MMA. Nate Diaz is one of the most fearsome street fighters. “

Zahabi highlights Nate’s unwavering will and assures that in a fight without rules, it would be virtually impossible to defeat.

“I think if you had to fight him on the street, you would be getting into a fight for your life. There will be no judges picking you up between rounds. No judge is going to come to give you the victory. Nerd. This guy is not leaving. I think Diaz is the greatest, probably the best street fighter, and by that I mean no rules or judges. We only fight until one of us is finished, until one of us surrenders or dies. I know that sounds morbid, let’s just say until one of us loses. I think Diaz wins 99% of the time. “

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