NBA star Pau Gasol acknowledged that ending his career with two teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, with which he won two rings, or at Barça, where he trained before making the leap to the NBA, “it would be very attractive & rdquor;, said the player in a teleconference where he presented the Pau Gasol Virtual Academy by Santander.


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« I try to keep all options open, we will see when September or October arrives, since decisions will have to be made », said Pau. « What is clear is that I want to play another season and do it at Barça, it would be the place that would make the most sense, Although right now it is a hypothesis, and we will have to wait for the moment to make it an option or a possibility & rdquor ;, Pau pointed out.

The star explained that he continues the process of recovering his foot, and that it is still early to know his future. “My injury progresses with loads and exercises at home, and I am waiting for some tests on the foot, to know when I can start running and jumping. It is important information to know if the foot and bone are consolidated, « he explained in the telematic conference.

Innovative NBA format

Pau, who will once again be the center of this Virtual Academy, forced this time by the pandemic, assured that he will follow closely the new format that the NBA has invented to achieve the end of the season. « It is an innovative, rare format, and surely it will not be the same, but I am convinced that it will be the best because they have agreed between all the parties & rdquor ;, commented the one from Sant Boi.

Hopefully it works and adjusts to the circumstances, although everything will be new, like being locked up in the Disney World compound. Sure mental factor and discipline will be key To win this NBA ring & rdquor ;, said Pau.

Too ruled on anti-racism protests that the United States has lived these days. “For there to be a real change in society, there must be disruptive events like those that are taking place. As long as they are carried out peacefully, that’s fine with me. The situation cannot continue like this, neither in the United States nor in other parts of the planet & rdquor ;.

Finally, he assured that he will closely follow the resumption of the LaLiga. « We all miss sport and that football returns is good, although you have to be cautious in this so-called new normal, because the virus is still there. I think sport brings confidence to society and it is good that it returns & rdquor ;, he concluded.

A virtual academy

Pau advanced that he will have important basketball names for the Pau Gasol Virtual Academy by Santander, like the Spanish coach and assistant in the Raptors, Sergio Scariolo or the assistant coach of San Antonio, Becky Hamond. He also revealed that players such as Felipe Reyes or his brother, Marc Gasol, will participate.

The virtual Campus, which already has more than 3,000 enrolled from 46 countries, will be held from June 28 to July 4, and it is still possible to sign up, since it is free. « I want to broadcast basketball, but the difference is the values ​​& rdquor ;, Pau said. « Essential to connect with anyone & rdquor ;, said Pau, accompanied by Juanjo Rovira, on behalf of MIC Sports, and Felipe Martín, sponsorship director of Banco de Santander.