Thiago Alcantara he’s very comfortable at Bayern munich and wouldn’t mind ending his career there. This he has confessed in an interview that he has granted to La Vanguardia, although has recognized that it does not depend only on him.

05/04/2020 at 20:34


Oscar Cubero

The club, at the moment, seems to agree with the footballer and has started negotiations to extend the link between the midfielder and the entity beyond 2021, the year in which his current contract ends. For him, I would play in Germany until I hung up my boots: “There have to be many things. That you are at your level. But maybe the club is suddenly looking for a guy on your ninety-meter site. “ it would be a “wonderful club” to finish a career.

If this situation occurs, the Alcántara brothers could not enjoy the ball in the same team: “Every year we think about playing together. But, It is very difficult. It would be a joy to coincide with one of the best players i know who is also my brother. ”

Spanish does not miss any place: “I don’t believe in patriotism, I don’t believe in the flag. I’ve grown up in different cities and countries, in different cultures. “Which means that will go wherever and wherever they want. Bayern is one of them. President, Herbert Hainer is “optimistic” about renovation Mazinho’s son.

Thiago, 29, landed in Munich the summer of 2013 and he has been at Bayern for 6 seasons.