Finetwork is a virtual operator based in Alicante and Madrid, although it offers mobile phone and fiber services throughout the national territory. Until now, Finetworks sold its services separately, but finally the company has decided to unify its offer and put its first products into circulation, combined, logically, with mobile services and fiber optics for the home.

The operator has just communicated that it begins marketing two new combined rates, both with unlimited voice in the mobile section, and with different data bonuses, as well as different speeds for fiber optics. The launch coincides with the operator reaching 260,000 clients, at which point they take advantage of the new services to launch.

Unlimited voice for two very different convergers as of June 1


As we have previously commented, the company’s arrival at 260,000 customers serves as a starting signal for two new converging rates, the first for Finetwork, which include both mobile and fiber optic services. Both convergers include unlimited calls Although the rest of the characteristics are quite different. The two new rates are established as follows:

12GB mobile + 100Mbps fiber: The rate fixes its starting price at 29.90 euros per month, with VAT already included. Like its other sister, the rate has unlimited calls in addition to having free installation and not having permanence. The rate has the GigaBank service to accumulate the data not consumed for the following month.
24GB mobile + 300Mbps fiber: The second rate is the most voluminous and has a monthly cost of 34.90 euros per month, with VAT also included. Like her sister, here we have unlimited calls, free installation, accumulative gigabytes for the following month and it is a rate without permanence.

For any of the rates, additional lines can be contracted with a maximum discount of 4 euros on the current mobile rates (all with 1,000 SMS included), the discounts being as follows:

Additional line with 30GB: 4 euros discount. 15.90 euros with the discount already applied.
Additional line with 20GB: 3 euros discount. 11.90 euros with the discount already applied.
Additional line with 10GB: 2 euros discount. 8.90 euros with the discount already applied.

“With the launch of this new family of converged mobile and fiber rates, we take another step in our growth strategy, providing products geared towards meeting the needs of all households at very competitive prices. Customers will be able to choose the product that best suits adapt to your connectivity needs, always counting on the trust of the Finetwork brand “- Manuel Hernández, CEO of Finetwork

Finetwork offers fiber optics throughout Spain whenever it exists Vodafone coverage at home and also operates with Vodafone coverage for its mobile services, although at the moment it remains an independent virtual mobile operator.

         Finetwork launches converged fiber and mobile rates without installation or permanence and with cumulative gigabytes