Finetwork gives 25GB of data to all its clients (and new registrations) until January 31

The Christmas promotions of the different operators are just around the corner with a November that has already crossed its equator, although before the different movements related to Black Friday will have to arrive. However, Finework has decided to advance the calendar and we have here the first fruits of the season of gifts.

The virtual operator has decided, as they themselves indicate, to advance their Christmas promotion. So what they propose is what will remain until, at least, the end of the present and catastrophic year 2020. The operator indicates that the promotion is profitable between the past November 15 and next January 31, 2020. But let’s talk more about it.

25GB extra free for all

As we say, Finetwork is already activating a promotion that was destined for the Christmas period and that consists of adding, at no cost and without customers having to request it, 25GB extra at your mobile and fiber rates, regardless of which one has hired each.

The company tells that the communication has been made to the customers (or is being carried out) through an SMS to their phone numbers. These 25GB of extra data can be consumed between November 15 and January 31, and Finetwork indicates that it will be available not only for current clients but also for registrations between November 15 and January 6, 2021.

« We advance the Christmas promotion of + 25GB extra free to contribute to being permanently connected in this very important period. Once again, we proactively advance this benefit to our portfolio clients, fulfilling our objective of sending them the first this type of shares « – Manuel Hernández, CEO of Finetwork.

In its statement, Finetwork highlights that it already has more than 400,000 clients in the portfolio in just a year and a half of operators, and that has also been the brand that has led the mobile portability in recent months. The operator also highlights that it has to its credit services such as GigaBank (which allows you to accumulate unspent gigs month by month) or GigaTransfer (which allows you to transfer unconsumed data between clients).


Finetwork gives 25GB of data to all its clients (and new registrations) until January 31