Finetwork attacks O2 and Pepephone with its new 600 Mbps fiber and mobile combinations

Cheap fiber and mobile bundles remain one of the main pillars of MVNOs, and the fiber speed has been one of the main differences that characterize the two lines of brands that are committed to convergent offers.

But with the new proposal Finetwork, the MVNO with Vodafone coverage combines both aspects under its proposal, so that not only does it have some of the best conditions in cheap combined, but now it also has a new offer for those looking for higher fiber speed.

New fiber packs at 600 Mbps and mobile from 39.90 euros

Finetwork completes its combined offer, which goes from three to five rates if we take into account family offers, releasing two new packs with 600 Mbps fiber as the main novelty, and being able to choose to combine it with mobile phones with 15 GB for 39.90 euros or with 30 GB for 44.90 euros.

The rest of the conditions are the usual ones in finetwork: unlimited minutes to talk from the mobile, mega accumulation not consumed, with free SMS, without landline, with discounts of up to 4 euros per month in additional mobile lines and symmetric fiber except in HFC zones, where the maximum upload speed will be 100 Mbps.

In this way, all the details of the convergent finetwork offer in force in February 2021, is as summarized in the following table:

The arrival of the new fiber and mobile combined from finetwork makes it compete directly with operators such as O2, Pepephone or Vodafone yu, but also in a somewhat more indirect way with Virgin telco, MásMóvil or Digi, by allowing these operators to increase fiber speed in exchange for an extra fee.

With 600 Mbps fiber, finetwork will be up to 10 euros cheaper than most of its rivals, although the savings will remain 5 euros if we look for similar conditions in the mobile section. However, Digi will remain more competitive on high-speed fiber after making the leap to the symmetric gig.

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