Finetwork adds free gigs to your mobile contract rates

After completing its fiber and mobile combo offering to deal with O2 and Pepephone, Finetwork continues to strengthen its rates with an improvement that on this occasion affects the entire contract offer, which increase the gigs for free in all modalities.

The data increase will be applied automatically from the day February 22, both to current and new customers, and will not involve any change in the monthly payments that have been paid until now.

Up to 5 GB extra at no cost in the rates with unlimited minutes

Finetwork improves its mobile contract rates with unlimited minutes, which go from 8 to 9 GB for 8.90 euros, from 10 to 12 GB for 9.90 euros, from 12 to 15 GB for 10.90 euros, from 23 to 25 GB for 14.90 euros and from 30 to 35 GB for 19.90 euros. That is, the rates improve by an additional 1, 2, 3, 2 and 5 GB respectively.

In addition, the old mode with unlimited calls without internet is replaced by a new rate for talking and browsing, which includes 5 GB for 6.90 euros. This new rate competes directly with others recently presented by Digi or Hits Mobile, with identical conditions.

The rest of the conditions remain unchanged, highlighting the accumulation of unconsumed gigabytes, the possibility of sharing your megabytes with any operator’s client, the 1,000 free SMS, European roaming without data restrictions and Vodafone coverage.

The complete offer of mobile rates for finetwork contract effective February 2021, is as detailed in the following summary table:

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