Fines, Infonavit credit, taxes: this is how the increase in the value of the UMA affects you this 2021

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After a few days since the 2021, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), announced the new value that the Measurement and Update Unit (UMA), which will be 89.62 pesos per day, that is, 2.74 pesos more than last year, when this figure was in 86.88 pesos.

By way of monthly, the UMA will be equal to 2,724.45 pesos, while annually will have a value of 32,693.40 pesos. According to Inegi, this unit of account had a variation of 3.15% compared to 2020 and will enter into force as of February 1, 2021. It is worth mentioning that this figure is modified annually.

The institute reiterated that it is a economic reference to determine how much a person will have to pay for obligations and assumptions provided for in federal and state laws, as well as “in the legal provisions that emanate from them.”

Therefore, from this data, different government procedures, as are the taxes, the fines, the mortgage credits (like those of Infonavit), as well as other social benefits. This system has been used since 2016, the year in which the Times Minimum Wage.

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The reason why it was determined to modify this system was based on the fact that a minimum wage increase for the workers It will not impact on the increase in payments of your tax obligations.

On the other hand, Inegi also announced that during December 2020, the National Consumer Price Index registered a increase of 0.38% compared to November, while in relation to this month of 2019 there was an increase in 0.56 percent. In addition, a 3.15% annual inflation, according to the Institute’s data.

Changes in IMSS pensions

Since January 1, workers in 60 years no longer need to have the 1,250 weeks of contributions to be able to retire, Because with 750 They may be entitled to their retirement pension in advanced age and old age.

And it is that last December 9, the pension reform proposed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador was approved in the Chamber of Deputies, in which he suggested the reduction in the number of weeks contributed to be entitled to a pension and wide coverage of benefits.

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With 441 votes in favor, 13 against and six abstentions, the opinion was generally approved by which they are amended, added and repeal provisions of the Social Security and Retirement Savings Systems laws.

It should be remembered that these modifications correspond to the people who are under the IMSS Law of 1997. Which is valid for employees who began to quote from July 1 of said year.

Previously, 1,250 weeks of listing In order to retire, however, the reform of the Social Security Law proposed that these be reduced to 1,000. This means that, during this adjustment period, employees with 750 weeks may retire with their minimum pension; In later years, these will gradually increase until they stabilize at 1,000 weeks to 2031.

In accordance with the above, each year they will be increased by 25 weeks. Therefore, in 2021 employees will be able to retire with 750 weeks; in 2022 with 775; 2023 with 800; 2024 with 825; 2025 with 850; 2026 with 875; 2027 with 900; 2028 with 925; 2029 with 950: 2030 with 975 and 2031 with 1,000.


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