fine of 10 million euros in Italy for misleading advertising

Be careful, do not put your iPhone in the water because Apple will not be responsible for the consequences.

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It seems that in recent times not all that glitters in the apple universe is gold. The sales reports of the last weeks have certified the loss of the third position of the Cupertino company for the benefit of Xiaomi and now Italy has imposed a fine of 10 million euros on Apple.

The reason for the sanction lies in the misleading advertising which, according to the Italian national competition authority (AGCM), Apple has made on the iPhone water resistance.

Claims that don’t hold up in the real world

Apple has no choice but to face the fine.

Apple claimed that its smartphones were waterproof to a maximum depth of 4 meters and for 30 minutes, but it has been found that these parameters were only valid under laboratory conditions, Therefore, the AGCM ruled that these conditions they didn’t hold up in the real world.

To make matters worse, the AGCM also discovered that the Californian firm did not cover water damage under warranty despite its repeated claims of water resistance, a practice the authority deemed « Aggressive ».

The complaint had been made for smartphones between the launch of iPhone 8 to iPhone 11 for which, according to the authority, it was not clear that only were resistant to water under laboratory conditions.

In defense of the company, Apple has always not recommended to swim or bathe with the iPhone although he did it with his small mouth (in the tiny print). On the same site it also indicates that does not cover water damage in your warranty. Precisely this last section is another reason for the sanction as it infringes Articles 24 and 25 of the consumer code on « aggressive business practices » and « coercion or undue influence. »