find the snowman among the flakes and stars

Millennium Digital

Mexico City / 02.19.2021 12:37:59

Another day, a new visual challenge! Again we are here to test your skills and concentration, as we did a few days ago when we were looking for a naughty and cuddly kitten hidden in a photo recently. Did you do it? Do not trust yourself, because this new Visual challenge will not be as easy as you imagine.

For this visual challenge, you should prepare your best hat, gloves, scarf and a good coat to protect you from the intense cold, because winter is here and with it, snow. That is precisely why we will have to look for a small snowman lost among a pile of flakes, stars and snowballs with little faces in a fun image by illustrator Dudolf.

To make today’s visual challenge more interesting we challenge you to do it in less than 20 seconds. Once you’re ready and have gone for your glasses, you can keep scrolling down to see the whole picture. Put your stopwatch! Don’t forget it.

Do you see the snowman lost among the flakes?

If you do not see the image correctly, you can see it in full by clicking here. Didn’t you find it? Don’t worry, here’s a hint: look around the green leaves, you have 10 more seconds for the challenge to count as good, otherwise, you can keep sliding down to know the correct answer.


Are you sure you made it? The graphic answer is in this link, so that there is no room for doubt and check if you had the correct answer. The naughty snowman was resting very close to the middle leaf on the left side of the image.

This was all for today, but we invite you to continue practicing with one of the visual challenges that we have already prepared for you. Share it with your friends and we are waiting for you in the next visual challenge.