Find the keys with Find My, iPhones already have permission to search for products from other brands that you have lost Technology

The Find My feature for tracking lost property with the iPhone’s Bluetooth connection will no longer be exclusive to Apple products. The company extends its network to third parties.

Mobile manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung or Google have long developed tracking applications to locate other devices or objects with the smartphone. If you lose your house keys, the tracker key fob can send a signal to the terminal to know that they are nearby and facilitate the search.

Apple, for its part, has the Find My function which is now capable of tracking lost items from other brands. As the company promised, the first batch of third-party products is being integrated into the function of iPhones.

These first incorporations are the VanMoof S3 and X3 electric bikes, wireless headphones Belkin SoundForm Freedom True and the tracking plate Chipolo One Spot. These devices already communicate with iPhones, iPads and Macs through the collaborative Bluetooth network that Apple has created.

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Any hardware manufacturer that wants to join this collaborative network and that the owners of an Apple devices can locate their product, will be able to add to the software the support for the Apple localization network and always comply with Apple Made for iPhone (MFi) Accessory Rules.

Once the device is paired with the iPhone or iPad, users can ask Find My for help in case it is lost. A few keys, a bag, headphones or the pet, the search possibilities will be much wider now that other brands can participate. Lost objects (family and pets) will be presented on a map as it already happens with the rest of Apple products.

Of course, all interested companies must “adhere to all privacy protections of the Find My network trusted by Apple customers.” After the collaboration between Apple and the third-party company is approved, Find My-compatible products may be labeled “Works with Apple Find My” so that Apple users know that this device is compatible with the Apple network.

In this case, we are talking about the use of the Bluetooth connection to locate lost objects, but the UWB technology that technology companies are applying also plays for this same purpose. Apple also wants to open its ultra-wideband system in phones to third companies, improving the precision in the search and location of these objects. It is even rumored that it could launch its own AirTags to compete with Samsung in this market.