We now know the identity of the person who had Covid-19 on the set of France has an incredible talent. And this is a member of the jury!

A few weeks ago, on August 25, the filming of La France Has an Incredible Talent was stopped before it even started. In question ? A production member has been tested positive to the Covid-19 while the jury and candidates were on the plateau, ready to start this new season.

A hard blow for the production company but also for the new host Karine Larmachand. The latter had even asked the production, by her admission, to continue filming. The host of L’amour est dans le pré is also a producer and she knows the disastrous economic consequences of postponing the shoot. Filming insurance does not cover losses linked to Covid-19 …

France has an Incredible Talent interrupted because of Covid-19: find out who the sick jury member was!The LFAUIT jury

He says it all on stage

If the identity of the infected person has been kept secret by everyone, the main interested party made himself known. It will amaze you but it is a member of jury. So who of Hélène Ségara, Eric Antoine, Marianne James or Sugar Sammy was unfortunately sick?

This is the 43-year-old magician, Eric Antoine. It was he who wanted to inform his audience during one of the performances of his show at the André Malraux theater in Reuil Malmaison.

There is one of us who had the Covid. I don’t have the right to say it, but it’s… me! But rest assured, I was asymptomatic. I just did a soft poo.

We know Eric Antoine does not have his tongue in his pocket. It was impossible for him to keep this information secret. In any case, fortunately the production of La France has an incredible talent tested the whole team. Eric Antoine could have contaminated many people. It is now known how quickly the virus spreads through the air. The decision to stop filming was therefore wiser.

Hélène Ségara passed through the surgery box?

It happened, this year, around France has an incredible talent while filming had not started. Recently, it is a photo of Karine Lemarchand and Hélène Ségara which has caused controversy.

On her Instagram account, the presenter shared a selfie of herself and the singer to announce to fans the resumption of filming. If some have criticized the two young women because they did not respect barrier gestures, others have seen in the face of Hélène Ségara some changes.

Indeed, we noticed that her skin was smoother than usual, her nose thinner and her mouth plumper. Would she have gone through the cosmetic surgery box? This is what everyone is wondering.