Find out what Alejandro Fernández and Sebastián Yatra are up to

Sebastián Yatra leaves his beloved Colombia to visit his great friend, Alejandro Fernandez at his home in Jalisco.

The famous Colombian singer took a few days off and sought refuge in the beautiful oceanfront home of Alejandro Fernandez.

The secret property, which the Fernandez family calls a bunker, is lost in Puerto Vallarta surrounded by sea and vegetation. It became a refuge for Alejandro and his children after the start of the pandemic.

Apparently after Yatra’s collaboration in the song “Contigo Siempre” a beautiful friendship emerged and that is why the 26-year-old accepted the Mexican’s invitation to join his family and recharge.

Sebastian is currently hosting the new Disney + reality show, “Conecta y Canta”, but recently announced that he will participate in the tour that Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin have scheduled for 2021.

Tini Stoessel’s ex is considered one of the Latin artists with the most collaborations, which not only left him with great successes but also good friendships.

Alejandro and Sebastian shared several photos of the days together, and although no musical instruments were seen, although several glasses of wine were seen, it is very likely that they are both working on a new hit together.