Find out all the information about the new Venezuelan Professional Baseball Summer League

Know everything you need to know about the new League from Summer from Professional Baseball from Venezuela, that replaces the Independent Baseball League of Venezuela.

Indeed the new league from summer of the Venezuelan ball will have as president the Venezuelan Cesar Collins, who served as head of the extinct Independent League of Baseball from Venezuela.

Collins through his twitter account has provided very valuable information about everything we need to know about this initiative, which will undoubtedly seek to strengthen the professional ball in Venezuela, which we will point out below:

Players and technical personnel interested in participating in the League from Summer from Professional Baseball, They should send an email with their data to the following address: [email protected]

The League will be made up of six (6) teams.

The Forum La Guaira stadium will host two of the teams.

Once the emails with the players and the technical personnel who want to be part of the league have been received, the teams will carry out a draft taking into account their needs and later an announcement will be made of how the teams were formed.

This new league has nothing to do with previous leagues, it is totally new.

President Collins has stated that more than 150 experienced players and technical staff have already signed up and a significant percentage of those experienced players in the Major Leagues.

Likewise, the boss of the new summer league stated that there is a closed agreement for the Aragua and Miranda teams that will host the José Pérez Colmenares stadium in the city of Maracay.

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