Fiat has created a digital store, Fiat Store, so that drivers interested in one of their cars can find the car they are looking for among all the units that the brand has in stock.

Fiat Store It brings together new, zero kilometer and second-hand vehicles from the dealerships that the Italian firm has in Spain. Thus, each buyer only has to enter their zip code to check the offers of those centers that are closest to them.

The new digital platform coincides with a new campaign that allows the payment of the vehicle to be deferred until 2021 and to acquire it without the need to pay entry, only on the basis of monthly payments.

In this way, a new Fiat 500C can be purchased with 84 installments of 189 euros per month. His hybrid option with the DGT Eco label, with 84 installments of 229 euros. It offers traditional financing, multi-option or renting.

When a buyer shows interest in a specific unit, he provides his details and a sales representative from the dealership in question is contacted to confirm his request. It is possible to request a test drive before proceeding in the purchase process.

Fiat Store

The new Fiat Store is a further demonstration of the ingenuity that car brands are having to squeeze to keep in touch with their customers in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Multiple studies suggest that the influx of public to traditional dealerships will decrease due to fear of contagion, and that instead the digital channel will gain importance in the vehicle purchase process.

In this case, the solution proposed by the Italian firm allows drivers to interact directly with its dealer network. It also makes advisers available to you who will be able to answer your questions during the purchase process, to attend to buyers’ requests and doubts.

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