The coronavirus health crisis has brought with it the greatest economic debacle of recent history in Spain. Companies that have not been able to meet the expenses caused by the forced closure by decreeing the lockdown, laid off employees, many others in ERTEs, etc. An economic contraction, marked by the uncertainty on the evolution of pandemic and fear of possible sprouts. This situation translates into worrying data regarding employment creation and generation of jobs.

However, in the midst of all this storm, there are still interesting Job opportunities. There are sectors that have continued to work, on many occasions, more than ever during confinement. This is, for example, the supermarket staff or of logistics centers. The same happens with cleaning operators, who have been at the foot of the canyon offering their best services to citizens. And what to say fits the health sector, whose professionals have been in the first line of fire in hospitals, outpatient clinics and health centers, during the most difficult and tragic moments of the pandemic due to covid-19.

With the current health, social and economic situation we are going to focus on all those citizens who are in a situation of Active job search. For all of them, we highlight the following jobs in the middle of the coronavirus crisis.

Health personnel: doctors, nurses, assistants, caretakers …

The health personnel is facing significant medical losses from its professionals, either infected with the coronavirus or ecstatic for what they have experienced first-hand in hospitals and assistance centers. The lack of protection means and equipment, endless hours of work, with him stress and tension to which they have been subjected is taking its toll on a union whose hands have watched over the health of citizens. Hence, the health sector is in continuous demand for personnel, as shown by current job offers.

Personnel for supermarkets: Stockists, cashiers, delicatessen, butchers …

The food and distribution sector He had to expand your templates during the coronavirus crisis to be able to attend to the needs of the population, in such delicate moments. As a consequence, they do not stop appearing job offers to work in supermarkets.

Personnel for logistics centers: delivery men, truck drivers, warehouse managers …

The commodity supply It was practically not absent at any time during the pandemic. This has been thanks to the effort of the logistics staff. To continue facing the current demands of society, it is one of the sectors that most job vacancies Is generating.

Cleaning staff

Another sector that has not stopped working during the coronavirus crisis and that continues to do so to guarantee the well-being of citizens, are the cleaning operators. From the urban cleaning, until Industrial hygiene They continue to demand personnel to guarantee the measures imposed by the health authorities.


Now more than ever telemarketers they are striving to offer the best services to citizens. The telemarketing It becomes strong in the face of restrictions on population movements. The customer service Of the large companies and surfaces need professionals to attend to the calls, requests and claims of their clients.