Mexico City.- By affirming that nepotism and “cronyism” are not allowed in the 4T, since the Austerity Law prohibits it, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador instructed that the Ministry of Public Function (SFP) investigate whether nepotism exists and “ cronyism ”.

After it was revealed that relatives of Luisa María Alcalde, secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, work in the federal public administration, López Obrador defended at all costs the federal official and her sister, Bertha, who works as a lawyer in the Secretary of Public security.

“What I consider is that there is no nepotism, categorical, categorical, but if you have elements, you have every right to file a complaint. Furthermore, you are already taking note in the Ministry of Public Function, then surely she will do the investigation ex officio , in case there is nepotism, because it is not allowed and in effect, the austerity law prohibits it, “he said.

Of both sisters, she affirmed that they are highly trained professionals, and stressed that both are honest and especially with a social dimension.

By affirming that in the journalistic investigation, evidence was provided that cousins ​​and other relatives of the secretary Mayor Luján, not only in the Ministry of Labor, but in other dependencies, also work: López Obrador stated:

“We do not allow nepotism,” cronyism “, none of the scourges of politics, it is not the government of the DIF, of the family,” he commented with evident derision, but defended Luisa María Alcalde Luján, who was He is accused of nepotism in the Government of the 4T.

In his morning press conference, he assured that despite the fact that several relatives of the secretary are in the government “does not contradict his policy.”

He assured that influentialism or nepotism does not occur here, because the labor secretariat did not appoint their relatives in the Ministry of Labor or intervened to obtain a position and that the Secretary of Labor and his sister Bertha Alcalde perform very different functions and each has earned its charges for its own preparation and merit.

“Bertha Alclade Luján was appointed by the secretary Alfonso Durazo no Luisa María,” he said.

López Obrador insisted that both are top professionals and it would be good if there were outstanding people in all the families. There are many families in Mexico where its members work in the government and in various sectors, and for this reason one cannot speak of nepotism or influentialism.

On many occasions, he added, they don’t even have time to live or interact. Anyway, the Tabasco assured that the Ministry of Public Function will take note and deliver a report so that doubts are cleared.

The president was questioned that in addition to the sisters there are the cousins ​​and other family members, to which he replied that they will investigate.