Finally Kim Kardashian said it: “I’m ready to be happy!” This is how he responded to his mother on reality TV

Kim Kardashian told her mother, Kris Jenner, on reality TV that she was ready to be happy. This referring to her split from rapper Kanye West.

Photo: Vivien Killilea. / Getty Images

The tv star Kim kardashian has once again revealed, although now he has done so personally and in his own words, his need to start a new life in order to leave behind the most negative episodes of his now-defunct relationship with Kanye west, to whom he was joined by almost seven years of marriage and with whom he has four children. In one of the episodes of the reality TV that they star in, you can see Kris jenner talk to her daughter about the decision to separate and Kim assures her that she is ready to be happy.

In a preview of the next episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘, the matriarch of the famous family clan, Kris jenner, He points out to the best known and most mediatic of his daughters his desire for her to be happy and to feel fulfilled with any decision she has to make about her life, although at no time does she refer to her love disappointment with the rapper. “I just want you to be happy and have fun with what you do,” he directs him at one point in the video.

“Yes, and I can say that I am ready to be happy,” replies the businesswoman flatly to reassure her mother and make her feel proud. It is more than likely that this particular episode addresses the marriage crisis that, finally, led last February into one of the most media separations of the social chronicle, although the truth is that, when those scenes were recorded, Kim and Kanye still refused to pronounce on the rumors that pointed to the end of their conjugal bond.

However, the socialite has been seen partying and going to her usual events from before. It recently went viral a photograph in which he appeared with the singer Maluma in Miami. The rumors of a possible romance obviously came to light but they did not last long, because the singer has been seen on several occasions with a beautiful young woman holding hands. It is about the architect Susana Gómez.

For their part, everything indicates that some members of the clan Kardashian-Jenner they are very distracted by Florida. During the weekend, Kylie jenner she showed off a patterned dress with a neckline that almost reached her rear, but not out of sheer vanity. Turns out that The 23-year-old businesswoman went to her ex’s 29th birthday celebration, rapper Travis Scott.

They both seemed to be having fun and enjoying each other, according to a source who was in the nightclub Liv from Miami, where the singer gave a show. There is no doubt that when the Kardashian-Jenners want to make noise, they do it and the whole world finds out.

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