Filtered out! The new 2021 KIA Sportage uncovered in faraway China

The new KIA Sportage has been fully exposed. From far away China we get some spy photos that show us the long-awaited renewal of KIA’s compact SUV without a hint of camouflage. The model is ready for its grand debut at the 2020 Guangzhou Auto Show.

From the distant and exotic China we get some very interesting spy photos. The new KIA Sportage has been fully exposed. The exterior design of the highly anticipated revamp of the South Korean automaker’s compact SUV has been completely leaked. And is that a copy of new Sportage has been photographed without a hint of camouflage. A sighting that takes place a few days before its great sunset.

It makes perfect sense that these photos were taken on Chinese soil. The reason? The new Sportage is set for its debut at the 2020 Guangzhou Auto Show, which will open from November 22 to December 1. KIA It will be one of the brands that will make an appearance. The truth is that Chinese auto shows have been one of the few events of this kind that have been able to avoid closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

KIA Sportage 2021 - rear spy photoThe new 2021 KIA Sportage to be unveiled at the 2020 Guangzhou Auto Show

The new KIA Sportage uncovered, a specific model for China?

If we pay attention to the spy photos that accompany this article we find a Sportage very different from the one we are used to. The design change is radical. The truth is that KIA has risked a lot with a model that is a true central pillar of its range in Europe. It adopts the characteristic features of the new design language that KIA is following. Models like the new KIA Sorento and even the Telluride have been a clear reference.

There are many modifications. From the grill that connects with the new light clusters that use technology to the new bumpers or the taillights. By the way, just below the rear window we find the name of the model to make it clear at all times that we are facing a Sportage.

At this point we can wonder if we are facing the highly anticipated fifth generation of the Sportage or, if on the contrary, it is an update of the model destined for China. We must bear in mind that to date, the Sportage designation has not been available in the Asian Giant. There, this model has been sold as KIA KX5 and its appearance was very different from that of the European, American or Korean Sportage.

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A KIA Sportage very different from the spy photos

If we compare these photographs with the numerous spy photos of the new Sportage that we have been publishing in during the last months we will realize that there are features that do not add up. A key fact that increases the weight of the theory that we are, either before a specific model for China or, on the contrary, a concept car very close to production that advances some keys of the new generation.

In the same way, there is the fact, also relevant, that it will be shown at the Guangzhou Hall. The leaked reports from South Korea pointed to April 2021 as the month of its coming-out. A few months later it would reach dealerships. In any case, the fact that the new Sportage is going to be present at said event is very relevant and that, in turn, this coming-out means the true arrival of the Sportage to Chinese dealers.