Filtered first images of Halle Bailey for live action of The Little Mermaid


In July 2019 it was announced that the actress and singer Halle Bailey was chosen to give life to Ariel in the live action of The Little Mermaid, something that caused quite a controversy.

The disappointment of several people was because they expected that, as in the other live action of classic films, the protagonist would resemble the one in the animated film.

However, it was the producers of Disney who responded stating that ‘Danish mermaids can be black‘.

Now, almost two years after this controversy, some images of Halley Bailey playing Ariel have been leaked in the scene that rEscape Prince Eric from the waves of the sea to bring him to shore.

The images could be from a rehearsal because in them you can see Prince Eric in a black cotton T-shirt and swimming shorts; while the protagonist wears a neoprene jumpsuit and a kind of mermaid tail made of the same material.

Halle Bailey also sports a braided mane of a slight reddish hue, although it is difficult to distinguish in the photos.


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