It will be the first Moto G with 5G connectivity.

A new member seems to be about to land on the series. Moto G Motorola, and everything indicates that it will be the brand’s first affordable model to feature 5G connectivity. At least this is what the popular leaker Evan Blass affirms in his Patreon, where he has shared the first image of the call Motorola Moto G 5G.

The terminal, which still does not have a presentation date, stands out for having a eye-catching design, which draws attention, above all, the inclusion of a rear photo system formed by four sensors inside a square module, and for having two separate holes in your screen that house the two front cameras of the terminal.

The Moto G 5G has a strange double hole on the screen

This is the new Moto G 5G

Although the image does not have the quality we would like, it is possible extract a lot of information from it about the new Motorola phone. First of all, you can see that the device it would be built in aluminum and glass, and would have a slightly curved back panel on its sides. We also see how the fingerprint reader It is integrated in one of the sides of the terminal.

The first differential feature of this terminal with respect to other mobiles of the brand is the rear camera module, with square format and formed by four different sensors, very different from what was seen in the last terminals of the company. Beside him, in addition, we find a elongated LED flash, and a serigraphy that reflects certain details about the camera, in which you can read “48 MP” in reference to the main sensor resolution of this camera system.

The front of the phone is occupied by an elongated screen, surrounded by low margins on its sides and upper part, and slightly more pronounced on the « chin ». However, the most striking is undoubtedly the inclusion of a dual front camera, located inside two different holes small, located in the upper left corner of the screen.

Until now, few manufacturers have opted for separate the panel holes from its terminals but the truth is that the solution allows make better use of the screen area. Precisely one of our complaints with phones such as the Huawei P40 Pro + was the large space occupied by the front cameras, because all of them are inside the same hole.

No further details have been confirmed on the phone, although by its name we can deduce that it will be the first terminal of the Moto G series compatible with 5G networks, which leads us to think that, probably, the new Snapdragon 690 5G from Qualcomm is going to be the processor that gives life to this device, unless the brand has decided to make the jump to the models of the Snapdragon 700 series. the possibility that Motorola has opted for a MediaTek chip for your new terminal. I’m afraid we will have to wait a little longer before we can get out of doubt.

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