Filtered appearance of Joker in the Batman with Robert Pattinson – The News of Chihuahua – Between the lines

Little is still known about the plot of The Batman, apart from the fact that the film starring Robert Pattinson will partially adapt the comic The Long Halloween and that a whole gallery of villains will appear in it, including Riddler, Catwoman, the Penguin or Carmine Falcone.

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Now the latest rumors assure that the film will also feature the appearance of the bat’s arch enemy, the Joker.

The Giant Freakin Robot medium has leaked that he will enter the scene during the end of the film, thus laying the basis for what will be his participation in the sequels.

Although it is information that should still be taken with caution, the truth is that not only does it fit with the theories that have appeared on the Internet in recent weeks, but it would also be in line with the small slip that Robert Pattinson had with a journalist during the filming the tape.

Apparently, the actor who will play Bruce Wayne mentioned something related to Joker months ago during an interview, and that, after realizing that he had revealed something important about the plot, both the journalist and the interpreter agreed to eliminate those statements from the final text .

In view of recent information, everything indicates that Pattinson may have commented at that time what the US media has now made public.

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