Filtered 13 Xiaomi phones and their supposed specifications

Xiaomi filters up to 13 new smartphones that will arrive soon and that we already anticipate, with their code name and even the first hardware details.

We have to recognize Xiaomi that indeed did lower the infernal launch rate of yesteryear, which made its mobile catalog practically unintelligible, although in reality the Haidian giant is still one of the manufacturers with the largest number of new terminals at the end of each exercise.

Not surprisingly, in this 2021 we have already seen a lot of new Xiaomi phones, but it does not seem that they will be the last of the course because from China they already filter up to 13 new devices, which should be on the Xiaomi development table as they already have their own codename and even we have some hardware details with which they will count.

Xiaomi continues to grow a huge catalog, and it seems that in 2021 there will be another 13 new mobiles.

In fact, it is that as GizmoChina colleagues told us these 13 terminals would be planned for the second half of 2021, no dates yet, but already with references extracted directly from MIUI code which would indicate that they are quite advanced and even work on their software support.

Although the truth is that Xiaomi has reduced the rate of launches, it will probably continue to be the manufacturer with the most models in a catalog that will make room for another 13 new mobiles in the second part of 2021.

Xiaomi is ranked 70th in the ranking of the world’s most valuable brands, above IKEA or Spotify

To be more specific about the leak posted in China, Xiaomi would be preparing 13 mobiles with the following names in terms of development:


In addition, the sources filter details of the hardware of 6 models, which give us a glimpse various devices with integrated front camera under the screen, all of them with refresh rates of up to 90 or 120 hertz in their panels and even with high-performance cameras up to 108 megapixels with multiple systems.

It is to be expected that not all of them are Xiaomi, but also Redmi or POCO, and from China they tell us that some of the models will surely be a tablet that the Haidian giant has long been preparing. We will have to wait to confirm it.

For now, these are leaked specs for the 6 devices we were talking about:

cygnus90Hz screen Main camera 108MP HMX Ultra-wide camera 5x telephoto camera Should mount front camera under the screenbestla64MP GW3 main camerahyacinth120Hz screen Triple camera with 108MP HMX main sensordivine90Hz screen 64MP GW3 main camera 0.5x ultra-wide camera 5x telephoto camera Should mount front camera under the screenlepus90Hz screen 50MP GN3 main camera Ultra-wide camera 5x telephoto camera Should mount front camera under the screenmercury120Hz screen displayMain camera 12MP pixel binningUltra-wide camera5x telephoto cameraWhich Xiaomi to buy in 2021? Buying guide with the latest models

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