Good news for fans of the Elite series! The shooting of season 4 has finally resumed after a case of Covid!

This year, the shooting of season 4 of the series Elite was very disturbed due to a case of Covid-19! MCE TV tells you everything in detail!

The whole world is unanimous, the year 2020 has started very badly. To start with the terrible health crisis which had a big impact on the planet.

Eh yes ! The spread of the coronavirus has been terrible across the board. It even affected production companies!

The greatest singers had to cancel their concerts. And the shootings were also interrupted. This is precisely the case with the Elite series.

Eh yes ! The shooting of season 4 was therefore on standby. A great sadness for the fans who hoped to see the rest of season 3 very soon.

As a reminder, the making of season 4 was to take place in April. But from the second day, production therefore decided to postpone it to August.

Elite season 4: filming resumes after the case of Covid-19!

Elite: Filming is finally resuming!

The reason ? A staff member was affected by the coronavirus. Neither one nor two, so precautionary measures had to be taken.

But good news! The shooting of Elite has therefore resumed this Monday, August 10, 2020. This is whathave therefore unveiled the Spanish media Bluper and FormulaTV.

And Netflix added its little note to reassure Elite fans. The platform therefore insists on the fact thatthere was only one member of the team who fell ill.

It is therefore legitimate for the filming of Elite to resume in the best conditions … Sans the presence of this contaminated person.

And fear not! Any the team therefore respects the many procedures : “The team submits to daily tests and questionnaires that allow early detection in order to be able to act as quickly as possible, as in this case”.

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