Filming of ‘Cuéntame’ paralyzed by causing environmental damage in a protected area of ​​Toledo

While the twenty-first season of ‘Tell me how it happened’ is still broadcast in prime time on Thursdays on La 1, Grupo Ganga and Televisión Española are filming the last installments of this batch of twenty episodes. A recording with outdoor sequences that has been forced to stop after being involved in its preparation in an environmental controversy and be denounced by Ecologists in Action of Toledo.

Image taken by Ecologists in Action of Toledo in the area where he intended to shoot ‘Cuéntame’

The Asociation has reported to the Sustainable Development Council of Castilla-La Mancha the damage caused by the ‘Cuéntame’ team while working in a natural location located in the protected area of ​​the Barrancas de Castrejón y Calaña Natural Monument. « People belonging to the association were alarmed by the presence of numerous vehicles and a backhoe machine on the ecological path of the Natural Monument and observed how clearings and earthworks were carried out next to the Cambrón Viewpoint, just above the cliffs overlooking the Tagus » , relates Ecologists in Action of Toledo on its website. The work carried out by Grupo Ganga’s fiction art team « damaged the vegetation of the protected area » and put « the reproduction of protected species at risk. »

When observing what happened, the association notified the body of environmental agents in Toledo, causing « the escape of the backhoe machine. » However, he assures that they had enough time to two agents will appear, thus raising the corresponding complaint and vacating the place. In addition, Ecologists in Action in Toledo has made a formal complaint to the Department of Sustainable Development so that « the corresponding complaint files are initiated, the filming stops definitively and the precise steps are taken to recover the damages produced in the area. »

The producer responds

After the controversial stoppage of filming, the production company of the series has issued a statement to clarify what happened: « The production team of ‘Cuéntame’, as usual when it comes to natural landscapes, made a proposal to the Burujón City Council, the competent authority for its management. And that at no time has the producer made any intervention on this space with excavators or any machinery On the other hand, the Mayor of Burujón has issued a statement to explain what happened, certifying the correct procedure of Grupo Ganga in this management.