There are many shootings that are being resumed or even starting after the Alarm State ended. One of the cases is that of the series’ Ana Tramel. The game ‘that has already started its recordings in Pamplona, ​​co-produced by RTVE, Tornasol, DeAPlaneta and ZDF Enterprises and in the case of the television adaptation of the novel by Roberto Santiago.

Team of ‘Ana Tramel. The game’

Ana Tramel. The game ‘is a judicial investigation thriller, starring Maribel Verdú, who delves into the game world playing Ana. She is a brilliant criminal lawyer who lives her lowest hours. A call from his brother Alejandro, whom he hasn’t seen for years, makes him get going again: He has been accused of murdering the director of the Gran Castilla casino. Surrounded by a small, trustworthy team, you will have to face a huge corporation in the gaming industry.

Although until now only the name of Verdú was known, Spanish Television has already confirmed the rest of the cast, made up of Israel Elejalde, Natalia Verbeke, Unax Ugalde, Luis Bermejo, Víctor Clavijo, Elvira Mínguez, Joaquín Climent, Nancho Novo, Joaquín Notario, Biel Montoro and Bruno Sevilla, among many other names that have not yet been revealed.

And behind the scenes …

Roberto Santiago, writer of the book on which it is based, in addition to screenwriter and film director, is the creator of the series and also screenwriter with Angela Armero. The chapters will be directed by Salvador García Ruiz (‘La Hunting’ and ‘Isabel’) and Gracia Querejeta. Filming started on Monday June 29 and will last for several weeks in different locations between the Navarrese capital and Madrid.