Fills the life of fans with colors, Maribel Guardia poses for them

Fills the life of fans with colors, Maribel Guardia poses for them | INSTAGRAM

There is no day when the pretty Costa Rican driver Maribel Guardia does not dazzle her loyal fans with her publications on social networks, as is her custom, she flaunted her charming figure and left gaping to all.

Posing very happy at the end of her routine training, leaving in the foreground his charming and hypnotic physiognomy, he presumed very proud her incredible achievements, because at 62 years of age her body still looks like a sweet young lady in full bloom of youth, something that many women still envy in 2021.

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Of course, everything is thanks to the effort that he puts into exercise and of course without neglecting healthy eating, these are the secrets that he has never hidden from us with which we know that he always keeps young, beautiful, attractive and at the same time the most healthy possible.

And this is demonstrated in each photograph that he shares on his social networks because he can always be seen very happy, active, full of energy and extremely attractive to his most loyal followers who do not tire of giving him their full support in his entertainment pieces.

In addition, the outfit that she decided to use in the aforementioned postcard makes everyone who comes to Instagram to see her fall in love because it is a fairly colorful jumpsuit in pastel tones that only accentuates her tiny waist by marking her prominent hips and highlighting her front attributes. higher.

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Another detail that captures the attention of fans is undoubtedly the beautiful smile from ear to ear on the face of the also model, with this same smile she has dedicated herself to conquering the hearts of millions over the years, since he started his artistic career.

There is no doubt that to have the public totally happy and super spoiled, the best will always be Maribel, since she conquers audiences of all ages and of all genders because some see her as an example to follow and others as a trophy unattainable that they wish to have in their lives.

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