Fill your home with positive energy with any of these plants

Fill your home with positive energy with any of these plants
January 23, 2021 · 2:48 PM

In the past, herbs, plants and trees were all we had around us, today in large cities even fresh air is a novelty. For this reason and because the absence of natural elements can affect your mood and your health, we invite you to take some of these plants into your home.

Bamboo: According to Feng Shui, having bamboo at home attracts good luck, wealth and peace. You can plant it in your garden to give your home a relaxing look.

Bonsai: This ancient Japanese art of growing trees by controlling their size results in beautiful indoor plants that are associated with abundance and money.

Rosemary: Besides giving off a pleasant aroma, this herb is considered an ally of mental and physical health. It is presumed that due to its physiotherapeutic capacity, the herbal tea can combat insomnia, exhaustion and dizziness.

Lavender: Place this plant in your room and enjoy the relaxing benefits for the nervous system that the scent of lavender provides, it is effective in reducing the effects of stress.

Cactus: These plants have a striking appearance and although most require knowledge and tools for their manipulation, according to Feng Shui, having cactus at home helps to trap negative energies.