figures, t-shirts, Funko and other decorations on offer

We review some of the most interesting offers that we have been able to find in video game decoration and merchandising

By Manuel Buzón / Updated November 27, 2020, 18: 262 commentsA Black Friday of merchandising: figures, t-shirts, Funko and other decorations on sale

We players like to show that we are fans of our favorite titles, and the way we usually use to demonstrate this is usually to fill our spaces with merchandising and elements of said title or study; Because of this we wanted to prepare a list with some of these elements that, in the middle of Black Friday, we have found on sale. We hope it helps you!

Offers in diverse merchandising

A Black Friday of merchandising: figures, t-shirts, Funko and other decorations on sale

Merchandising has not been the most favored category this Black Friday; There are offers around the web, but you have to actively search for them to find something interesting. In order to make it as general as possible, we have made the following list of items on sale clear:

Funko-Pop Games: Mortal Scorpion (MK) for 10.76 euros (Original price 12.19 euros). These nice figures are liked by many for their inexhaustible list of licenses and their simple and friendly appearance; although we would not categorize Scorpion as someone who falls into this category. His figure is now on sale on Amazon.
Big Daddy backpack (Bioshock) for 64.95 euros (Original price 99.99 euros). Those most devoted to the work of Ken Levine will like to know that this piece of merchandising from his famous series of titles is on sale, with a sporty look and a couple of accessories that remind us of where his inspiration came from.
LEGO Super Mario (Initial Pack) for 42.70 euros (Original price 59.99 euros). Without being the lowest price at which we have seen this set of the red plumber, it is still a good price for those who want to start the collection, or simply have a complete piece of this curious collaboration. At Amazon we find other sets on offer, like this expansion pack.
Funko-Pop Games: Marcus Fenix ​​(GoW) for 9.95 euros (Original price 15.95 euros). He is the undisputed hero of the Gears saga, he also has several Funko figures dedicated to him; This one, with its more mature look from the latest titles in the series, is one of our favorites, and is now on sale.
UNSC white t-shirt (Halo Wars 2) for 10 euros (Original price 16.90 euros). The United Nations Space Council is one of the most important bodies in the Halo series, as well as one of the main parties in Halo Wars, for those related to its cause, this shirt is a good memory.
Nathan Drake figure + Merchandising set (Uncharted 4) for 49.95 euros (Original price 79.99 euros). This complete merchandising pack of Naughty Dog’s beloved action-adventure saga contains a figure of its main protagonist, a set of pins based on the latest installment and a set of themed shot glasses.
Funko-Pop Games: Sora Drive Form (KH) for 14.54 euros (Previous price 19.39 euros). The Funko figure of the absolute protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts saga is once again available at a price slightly lower than its original, as well as lower than what we saw in recent weeks.
Final Fantasy XV book. The Dawn Of The Future (FFXV) for 17.78 euros (Previous price 21.55 euros). This book unravels the ending that Tabata could not offer us for his last Final Fantasy; Now it is with a slight price reduction, but we must bear in mind that it is in perfect English.
PlayStation Christmas sweater (Size XL) for 19.99 euros (Original price 39.99 euros). If in your home you are one of those who usually wear Christmas sweaters and you are related to the PlayStation brand, the discount that this sweater may be of interest to you. For those who have such a habit, but are not related to the Sony brand, at xtralife they have a good collection of them now on offer.
Game and Watch: Super Mario Bros for 49.90 euros (Original price 59.99 euros). It is not the first time throughout the week that we found this small commemorative console at this price, but taking into account the topic that we deal with in this text, and the assiduousness with which this article comes out of said offer, we wanted to include it once again.

Our coverage of the days leading up to Black Friday so far

A Black Friday of merchandising: figures, t-shirts, Funko and other decorations on sale

Closing this text, we want to review some of our compilations of offers that have taken place during these days prior to Black Friday; all of them related to a greater or lesser extent with the list presented here:

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