Figueroa defeats Nery: No truce or setback

Brandon Figueroa and Luis Nery did not disappoint us. They threw more than 1200 blows in seven rounds, they were whiplash machines everywhere, especially in the middle zone. Whoever best withstood the bombardment of the waterline would be the winner. And the one who felt it first was Pantera Nery.

A brutal, cutting uppercut split him late in the middle with a minute to go into the seventh inning. First he showed the excruciating pain and then he threw himself to the mat. He tried to stand in the middle of the protection account, but the pain was a good one, or should it have been said, ‘it was a bad one’. Of those who end fights.

Nery dominated the first rounds, working the fight with intelligence and against a Figueroa who seemed to stick to his style, to his strategy that sounds suicidal. Of pure pressure, of harassment and above all of accepting punishment in order to win the short distance, where, despite its long range, it is where it seems most comfortable to fight. In the ‘give and take’.

It took him a long time to get Nery into his true vertigo, but in the fifth round he succeeded. There were terrible sequences of sheer exchange and in this give-and-take hell, Brandon’s stamina is from another world. In turn, its volume gives chills, just to imagine its numbers in compubox.

Figueroa won and now must go against Stephen Fullton Jr., the WBA and WBO super champion monarch, in another unforgettable war. There is boxing, above all else, its essence is alive and well, thanks to this type of warrior and this type of fight. I comment on it with another perspective in the video.

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