Figueiredo vs Moreno, take two

Anyone who saw the first fight between Deiveson Figueiredo and Brandon Moreno has no doubt: they want the second. It will take place this Saturday, in the co-feature match of UFC 263. The first lawsuit between the two, which finished with a null and the Brazilian retained the crown of the flyweight, it was intense, very aggressive and in which both had their moments. The Brazilian lost a point in a set of the duel, which ended up being key in the end. The tie was due to small details, and that will define the sequel.

The main change for both is time. The two had fought on November 21 and suddenly closed a fight for December 12. Without a doubt it was a disadvantage for Moreno, it is a short time to dismantle the weapons of someone who comes so strong. He himself has recognized in the previous one that it was like that and now he has the opportunity to ratify it in the octagon. The Mexican arrives confident, because the tremendous puncher Figueiredo did not knock him out. “I know I can receive punishment. Of course I have to be careful, this guy is real and hits hard, but the confidence is that I can also throw hands, I can hurt himor. I already did it in the first one. I’m going to put pressure and be aggressive. My confidence has grown and that will make a difference, “admits the Mexican in an interview in ‘El Nuevo Herald.’

The applicant’s plan is therefore clear. It remains to be seen how the champion adjusts his style for the fight. He felt strong and perhaps he took the Mexican lightly. It will be necessary to see what to change. Moreno points out that there will be more work on the ground. It is an option. Moreno has good soil, but perhaps the champion does not want to risk striking. The unknowns are many. Figueiredo does not seem so invincible and the aspirant goes with nothing to lose. In betting the favorite is the champion. Due to status and travel, it is normal, but if anyone can wage war on him and complicate him, it is Brandon Moreno. Inside part two.

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