Figo feeds on Salvador Illa for resigning to focus on the Catalan campaign

TO Salvador Illa His ears must be ringing. Millions of Spaniards do not understand how a Minister of Health, The head of the country in health matters, resigns from his position in the middle of the third wave of the coronavirus, with more infections than ever and with the incidence soaring in Spain. And he does it out of pure political ambition, to focus on the Catalan election campaign, hence the cataract of criticism he is receiving.

One of those who has charged against the still Minister of Health has been Luis Figo, who continues to not sit down on social media despite attacks and harassment from the extreme left every time he expresses his opinion. The former Portuguese footballer does not understand how Salvador Illa resigns now for that reason when he should have done it much earlier due to the disastrous management of the coronavirus pandemic, whose head is he as minister.

“You should have resigned for the management of the pandemic not for personal and political interests”, wrote the former Real Madrid player on his Twitter profile, a message that was quickly retweeted by hundreds of users who agree with the Portuguese in that reflection / reproach Illa for leaving office only out of political ambition when our country suffers a Virulent Third Wave of Covid-19.

Neither should this matter sit very well with another athlete, in this case the Spanish tennis player Feliciano Lopez, which has used irony on its social networks to criticize everything that is happening in Spain: the third wave unleashed, the problems with vaccines, the resignation of Illa, the Government avoiding responsibilities … “National anesthesia could be called”says Feliciano on Twitter referring to all this.