Figo attacks and portrays the Government of PSOE-Podemos for not lowering the VAT on electricity despite the fact that Brussels does allow it

Not even the entrance of the new year 2021 Luis Figo. The former Portuguese footballer of Real Madrid and legend of the beautiful sport does not fall down on his social networks. Despite the continuous attacks from the most radical left, that is, from those related to Pablo Iglesias and his entourage, the Portuguese continues to criticize, attack and portray the social-communist government led by Pedro Sánchez, which continues to be ridiculed with issues like the current one controversy with the no VAT reduction for electricity.

From the Executive they put as an excuse that Brussels does not allow to lower these taxes. “It would not be in line with what is marked by Europe,” said the Minister of Finance and Government spokesperson this week. Maria Jesus Montero. However, Brussels could not veto that rise. It only has one “advisory committee”, and that is why Luis Figo has once again charged against the minister and in general against the Executive of Sánchez and Iglesias.

“Rest assured that in a little while there is some rectification”, he writes Portuguese on his Twitter account, where he is usually shown as a ‘guerrilla’ against some of the disastrous decisions of the Executive or simply responds to some out-of-the-tone characters such as Pablo Iglesias, Echenique, Rufián …

What is clear is that the Government is being authentically portrayed with the subject of VAT of the light as it happened with the one of the masks. Sánchez and his team spent months without lowering the taxes on this article necessary to stop the pandemic, claiming that Brussels did not allow it, a lie that they publicly propagated until they were accused of it and decided to lower that VAT. Now they do the same with electricity, ensuring that they cannot lower the tax when the reality is that they do not want to because it “reduces income”, as Podemos admits.