Fighting Federation asks not to sacrifice Vargas, accused of family violence

Rosalía A. Villanueva

La Jornada newspaper
Tuesday, November 17, 2020, p. a12

The president of the Federation of Associated Wrestling Medalists, Guillermo Díaz, asks not to sacrifice Queretaro José Andrés Vargas, from whom the State Sports Prize was withdrawn and a petition circulates on the platform to remove the place he He won the Tokyo Olympics for the country after being denounced for family violence.

He argues that it is not true of what he is accused of, said the manager about the continental runner-up, of whom he hopes to have the judicial notification, because the square is not lost because it is for Mexico and not for a person.

Vargas was denounced by his sentimental partner for having beaten her on October 27 at the house where they live in Querétaro. The fighter had won the local sport award and it was withdrawn by the State Institute.

We are going to wait one more week (for the hearing), we will send the legal representative of the Federation and until we have any judicial notification, we cannot make a pronouncement, said Díaz.

The leader has been in communication with the Greek style representative. “I spoke with Andrés a couple of times; as a Federation we are here to support the athlete who has a good sporting attitude. You have to wait and see how delicate this is.

“I know all the boys, they have impeccable behavior. We are not going to sacrifice it either. He is the best fighter in this category (77 kilograms) and I believe in him.

I spoke with the lawyer Carlos Padilla (president of the Mexican Olympic Committee) about the matter of Andrés. The square is not personal, but of the country, and we agree. He told me that there is no problem and in case he is found guilty, the place is not in danger, because there would be a selective, explains Díaz.

Vargas is 22 years old and is the current national monarch. She won the Olympic pass at the Ottawa Pan American Championship with the silver medal last March, where Mexico won two places by adding the title of Jane Valencia, the first representative of women’s wrestling who will be in a summer event and trains in the United States .

During the confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the fighter was already training in the gym without receiving a grant from the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports and to help himself economically he was an Uber driver.