Fighting EX Layer will have a new version for Nintendo Switch

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Arika, a studio known for Street Fighter EX, decided to return with Fighting EX Layer, a title that is now available for PlayStation 4 and PC. There is good news for lovers of the genre, as this delivery will have a new version that will arrive on Nintendo Switch.

The study recently revealed Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash, a planned title for the hybrid console. According to the details, this version will be totally independent of the game already available for the Sony system and PC.

What we know about Fighting EX Layer for Switch

Arika’s plans are to launch Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash on the Switch eShop sometime this year. The fight title does not yet have an exact release date. This version will have some relevant changes compared to the original title.

The gougis and dash mechanics will be replaced by the EX-Dash, EX-Arrow and EX-Illusion systems. Also, the studio plans to make various adjustments to various characters and modify some of their movements.

On the other hand, Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash promises a better online gaming experience, as the developers will use a special network code. The developer aims to replace the code with the best of both titles in order to satisfy the players who enjoy the competitive game.

Arika promised that she will reveal more details on Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash in a few weeks. An announcement of the title is expected for next April 1. Below is the ad trailer:

The developer has not revealed details about the content of Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash, but it is expected to include all the fighters of the original title for PlayStation 4 and PC. Nor is the arrival of new fighters completely ruled out.

Fighting EX Layer is available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash will debut on Nintendo Switch this year. On this page you will find all the news related to the fighting game.