Fighters react to Johnson loss and disqualification of Alvarez

This Wednesday, ONE Championship held its first event on television schedule for the United States. Consequently, many fighters watched the fights live and reacted to what happened in the Eddie Alvarez and Demetrious Johnson fights.

Alvarez was disqualified for hitting Iuri Lapicus that the referee deemed illegal. Johnson was knocked out for the first time in his career, and it was with a knee that is legal at ONE, but not at other promoters.

“I would like to congratulate Iuri Lapicus for passing my acting class with an outstanding grade. Tonight was a beautiful performance. May the world troll you forever. Welcome to the club!”

“That was a terrible disqualification. Eddie Alvarez is still the man and he was showing it. “

“The referee should have been clearer. If the referee doesn’t stop you, why would you stop hitting? “

“Ridiculous. Incredibly smooth. “

“Newsflash, Eddie Alvarez hits his opponent on the side of the head, the shock wave makes the referee go blind.”

But the evening was not over yet. If what happened with Alvarez was surprising, Demetrious Johnson’s first KO loss was even more shocking.

“Wow, that was a crazy ending!”

Kneeling an opponent on the ground is legal in ONE Championship. It’s one of the best rules ONE has. “

“This is why kneeing opponents on the ground is cruel and ILLEGAL in MMA in the UFC! If this were America, that knee is not allowed and the Mighty Mouse can get up safely and securely. I hope it’s okay, but this is why I disagree with those rules. “

“Kneeling an opponent on the ground should be legal everywhere.”

“Congratulations to Adriano Moraes for the great victory tonight! Great performance against an all-time great. We need kneeing to the head of an opponent on the ground to be part of the Unified Rules. I would love if they also allow soccer kicks. “

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